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Medical Equipment

Prescription Medication – Broad availability of generic and brand prescription medications

Compression Stockings & Braces ~ Personal Fittings and ready-to-wear compression stockings, compression arm sleeves, gauntlets, wrist braces, knee braces, elbow braces, & arm slings.  Jobst, F-L-A Orthopedics

Diabetes ~ Travel Kits, Test Strips, Lancets, Needles. Accu-Check, One Touch, etc.

Wound Management ~ Dressings, Ointments, Tapes, Gauze, etc.

Blood Pressure Monitors ~ Blood pressure monitor manual and automatic. Wide varity of Cuffs size.

Respiratory Support ~ Nebulizers, Filters, Masks, Children’s Masks.

Home Health Care Center Supply

  • Braces, Crutches, Canes and walker
  • Bath & Shower Seats and Other bathroom Aids
  • Adhesive Bandage, First Aid spray and more Wound care supply
  • Diabetic machine, test strips, lancets and other supportive supplies
  • Blood Pressure Monitors, Cuffs both Manual and Automatic
  • Hand Rails, Wheelchairs, Liftchairs and other mobility Aids